Love Your Salon Bottles

Customise your own ‘Love your salon’ bottle to show your salon logo and custom name in Pink, Blue, Orange or Grey. The exact same style bottles as made popular by ITV’s Love Island – now customised to your Salon and individual team names!

Each bottle includes a removable infuser section for placing fruit inside your water to give it a FRUIT INFUSION! Or just use a water bottle!

All bottle prices include logo placement, custom name and postage to a UK address (outside of UK will be quoted on an order by order basis.

Once ordered we cannot offer refunds on bottles if you change your mind as the bottles are customised. We are happy to replace if faulty.

Product Details:

Clear Plastic infuser Water Bottle with white top and bottom caps

740ml capacity

Twist-on top with Finger-loop

Removable fruit infuser to add flavour to your drink

Drinking pipe inside bottle

100% Plastic

BPA Free

H: 19cm W: 7cm D: 7cm 


Personalised name will be applied to the outer side of the cover

The typeface used in the show is a script font. Some names containing double letters such as "mm" may look very flowing and individual letters can become unclear – this is part of the font style and not an error. 

Sizing and positioning of text may vary.

Character limit – names over 12 letters long may not fit and may be refused until they are shortened.

Logos may need to be simplified before print – this is due to the nature of vinyl print and should be accepted before ordering.

These are not dishwasher safe.

You can order multiple bottles on the PayPal payment page.

Upon receipt of payment for your order, we will contact you and request you supply the following:

Name of salon (as per your logo)
A copy of your logo
Your delivery address

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