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Why you’d be mad not to get in touch.

The UK is blessed to have such a wealth of successful entrepreneurs, business people, graphic designers and marketers. Of course there are many other talented people out there but these types of people are the ones I get compared to the most.

I’m Tom Ferris and I created Blackwell Ferris out of frustration, passion, personal attributes and fascination – and why? To share (and maybe make some money along the way…).

I’m not an entrepreneur. In fact, I HATE the term (and hate’s a strong word), because like many other terms that have become ever popular in today’s culture its overused and misinterpreted. You can be a successful business person and not an entrepreneur.

I’m glad we cleared that up.

What about Graphics and Marketing? Well my passion is Creativity – and it’s something that has driven my life choices for years; from what subject’s I chose at College through to career choices upon Graduation from University. All along I wanted to have a career doing what made me happy – which was being creative.

At the age of roughly ‘dot’ (since I can remember) my ‘natural’ talent has always been art – specifically drawing. I used to draw from the moment I woke up until it was way past my bedtime. I’d draw landscapes, people, cars and (mostly) Cartoons. This drove me to follow my dream of a Cartoonist… which subsequently didn’t happen because Art at College was a mind-messer. Overlapping deadlines, dominance of others than insisted on painting only in black and white (cheaters!) and the dropping of my other grades built a frustration inside me and I chose to leave art behind and follow another creative path: Advertising.

I figured advertising would allow creativity without a need to be the best qualified artist in the world. This lead me down a Media Comm’s and Marketing degree and by the end of University I chose Marketing as my Career path.

My Marketing career has spanned many of the world biggest brands in Automotive and Consumer Electronics and has given me experience in Marketing from UK through to Global levels and everything in between, and this got me thinking…

What do the smaller companies do when they get to that size that they need Marketing support but can’t justify a Team of Marketers in-house, just yet? Why should they ‘wing’ their way through by best guessing what’s best to get their name, product or service out there in front of their audience. Then I also realised that unless you took on a large agency it was incredibly tough to find, not only marketing support that’s of a high calibre, but also any kind of design and print that was affordable and accessible.

So I decided it was about time that Smaller and growing businesses had the option to go to one company for the lot… and yeah, I know. This isn’t an original concept. But it’s one that still in the 21st Century is still not an easy or obvious choice to make.

So, in steps: Me.

Blackwell Ferris is unique because it’s driven by Me. I’m the mind, the founder, the creative and the Marketing consultant, and when you get in touch with us you get in touch with Me. I put my heart and soul into every project and use my unique mix of Commercial thinking and Creative expression to get the very best from all my clients and their Marketing.

It’s so rare to find commercial and creative under the same roof. It makes for good, sound decisions and effective marketing results.

You’d be mad to miss it.



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