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Here at Blackwell Ferris Ltd. we bring together the most important elements to ensure your business thrives even in the most competitive marketplaces.

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  • FOLLOWERS MEAN NOTHING: A guide to maximising your social media (257) Tom Ferris

    “Read all about it!” used to be called on the streets – that was how we used to be enticed to buy a newspaper and find out about the latest news....

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  • Living your (beauty) brand (220) Tom Ferris

    “A brand is not what YOU say it is. It’s what THEY say it is”. Marty Neumeier sums up brand perfectly, debunking the myth that we create our brand...

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  • Promoting your Salon with “EWW!”​ (Easy Win-Wins) (181) Tom Ferris

    Despite being a fairly “blue sky” thinker… I’m actually the first person to stop someone in their tracks when they start to talk about all of their...

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